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Sashimi Hotate Plus Prime Seafood Surprise Box
Sylvia H. (Scarborough, ON, CA)

We really enjoyed the food

R.L. (Newmarket, ON, CA)
Excellent Product. Delivery Speed Accuracy Delivery. Impeccable! Thank You

Excellent Impeccable Delivery and Product

It was delicious

Everything is fresh and fantabulous

Leah H. (North Vancouver, BC, CA)
My kids favourite!

Soft and creamy inside and chewy outside !

Edamame Soybean
Leah H. (North Vancouver, BC, CA)
Easy snack

They are easily make . Boil some hot water and salt them. Good potion for the price !

Leah H. (North Vancouver, BC, CA)
Good quality

These tobikko are a bit different than the ones restaurants serve. They are darker and very flavourful. Do not pop easily.

Sutamina Hotate
Dondon (Welland, ON, CA)
Crunchy umami

I love scallops. Somehow the garlic stems are still crunchy after being frozen and it's a nice contrast to the soft scallop fringes. The flavour is so good too, so much umami, I can just have it mixed with rice.

Good side dish

It's such a nice convenient side dish. Just defrost overnight and you got an extra dish for dinner! I'd definitely recommend giving it a try especially if you dont fancy the raw version

Grilled Mackerel Fillet
Dondon (Welland, ON, CA)

It definitely did not need to be microwaved for as long as instructed for my case so I'd advice you to make your own judgement, it's already cooked anyways, you're just reheating it. It's such a convenient delicious dish I am happy having just it with plain rice. Mackerels tend to be a bit on the fishier side so be warned! I really love it.

Very good product and it was shipped frozen with dry ice which was fun but it took them a week just to start the shipping process which is why they lost 2 stars. If you're happy to wait on shipping for the plant based sashimi you will have a good experience

Kanpachi Fillet
Yuki (Mississauga, ON, CA)


Yuki (Mississauga, ON, CA)


Grilled Mackerel Fillet
Yuki (Mississauga, ON, CA)


Love it

I discovered this website somewhere online and gave it a try!
Didnt disappointed!
I purchased from the black friday promotion which was a very good deal!

I bought the tasting set and it arrived today!

I cant wait for it so already tried the jelly fish tonight (i love jelly fish) .

It tastes so good and just the same as the one i ate in the restaurant or the japanese snack can get from the grocery.

I cant wait to try others from the set!

At first, I thought about to get the bigger package but saw someone's comment said this jelly fish is too sweet... so I worried if it didn't taste good. Now i feel regret didnt get the big package instead of the tasting set. Lol

Only disadvantage is....

1. This website is completely not user friendly.

The side menu cant even show the product list.
And you wont see all products from the main page as well.

2. The delivery time is a problem. They shipped it on Friday around noon... lucky i have someone eho is retired to stay home. If not, I have to leave it outside until I come back from work like evening. It has dry icy inside the package, but dont know how long it can keep the froze food outside the freezer.

Uni Paste
BM (Markham, ON, CA)
Yummy Uni Paste

we tried once at Pop-up at Oomomo & my kid asked for more.. we love to eat with crackers.. can't stop eating..

Tako Wasabi
Thipthida (Toronto, ON, CA)
So flavourful!!

Delicious!! Though it is a little on the salty side, the flavours are full of umami and great texture.

Love the ramen. The way it was packaged and everything.

Kaki Fry (Panko Fried Oysters)
Rain (Ottawa, ON, CA)
Absolutely Delicious!

Incredibly tender and flavorful, and so easy to make! A few minutes of frying on medium does it - I'm sure an air-fryer would do it as well. I would think that having instructions on the package would make things easier, but it's not too hard to figure out either way

Plant-Based Teriyaki Beef Slice
Joe (Burnaby, BC, CA)
Satisfying texture and look!

Texture was fantastic, and it had pleasing meat like look. The taste was a little too strong and sweet to eat as is, but went very well in Onigiri. I would like to try different flavour.

Allen C.Y. (Toronto, ON, CA)

Very goood and very convenient. 🥰

Chinmi tasting set
Tennille W. (London, ON, CA)
Tasting Set

This tasting set is absolutely perfect combination of all your favourites. Fresh , seasoned well and makes the best sushi add on or on its own :))

Portion is too small 

yummy but too pricey 

Super tasty!

Highly recommend