Takoyaki Classic

Takoyaki Classic

Jul 01, 2022azuma tei

Have you tried very 'classic way' of Takoyaki ? 
We are here to show you how you should try to eat~!

Level ★☆☆☆☆

2 serves

Defrost before cooking: None
Cooking time: 10minutes
Heating time: None
azumatei Products: Takoyaki 
Ingredients:Adjust quntity of your preference 
  • Takoyaki
  • Takoyaki sauce/ Okonomi yaki sauce
  • Dried nori/ "aonori'
  • Bonito flakes "Katsuo bushi'
  • Green onion
  • Sushi ginger  
Cooking instruction:

1. Follow the package's cooking instruction to reheat takoyaki.
2. Once Takoyaki is warm, spread Takoyaki sauce evenly.
3. Garnish with dried nori, bonito flakes, Green onion and sushi ginger. 

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