Shimesaba Spring Roll

Shimesaba Spring Roll

Jan 14, 2022azuma tei

 Would you like to try something warm version of Shimesaba? Try our Shimesaba Spring Roll! 


Defrost before cooking: Shimesaba
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Heating time: 10 mintes 
azumatei Products: Shimesaba 
  • Shimesaba x 1 package 
  • Spring Roll paper x 10 pieces 
  • Shiso x 10 leaves 
  • Sliced Cheese: we used mozzarella 5 sheets  

Cooking instruction:

  1. Cut Sliced cheese into half. For Shimesaba, slice them into one bite size.
  2. Spread Spring Roll on the cutting board, and place Shiso first then place cheese and sliced Shimesaba.

  3. Roll it and seal the end with water.
  4. Deep fry till the surface is golden. Be careful not to cook too long, or the cheese is going to melt and comes out.
  5. Serve while it is warm. Enjoy!

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