Plant-based Sashimi Fish Chirashi sushi for Hina matsuri

Plant-based Sashimi Fish Chirashi sushi for Hina matsuri

Mar 03, 2022azuma tei
Have you ever celebrated "Hina Matsuri'?  "Hina Matsuri" is also called Doll's Day or Girls' Day. This day is a religious holiday in Japan, celebrated on March 3rd. This day we celebrate for the girls to grow well. Decorate with cute color and enjoy!
Level ★★★★★
Defrost before cooking: Plant-based Sashimi Fish  
Cooking time: 45minutes
Heating time: None
azumatei Products:  Plant-based Sashimi Fish & Seaweed Salad 
1 serve
Ingredients: Adjust the quantity 
  • Plant-based Sashimi Fish Tuna/ Salmon/ Squid few slices each 
  • Food color 
  • Sushi rice
  • Seasoned mushroom 4Tbsp
  • Carrots 1/3 cup
Cooking instruction:
1.Prepare the sushi rice. Once it is ready to use, separate it into 4. For the one to color, mix food color and 1tbsp water, then pour to the sushi rice. Mix well.
2. Next, in the small pan, cook Seasoned mushrooms and carrots together until both of them are cooked through. Do not burn!
3. Now, add cooked mushroom and carrots into the white rice without color and mix well.
4.Using the plastic wrap, place the white rice(Step3) at the bottom. push and shape well. Once it is satisfying shape, place yellow, green, and pink at the end. 
5. Decorate with Plant-based Sashimi Fish at the end. 

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