Calamari salad crepe

Calamari salad crepe

Jun 24, 2022azuma tei

Would you like to try our Calamari salad as a crepe? 
Here's the recipe we prepared for you to enjoy!

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2 serves

Defrost before: Calamari salad 
Cooking time: 20minutes
Heating time: 20minutes 
azumatei Products: Cheese cake: Calamari salad
For Crepe skin
  • Egg x1
  • Sugar 2Tbsp
  • Milk 200ml
  • Flour 80g 
  • Canola oil or Butter 1Tbsp

For inside:

  • Calamari salad: as much as you want !
  • Salad lettuce 
Cooking instruction:
1. In a medium-sized bowls, mix all the crepe skin's ingredients. Mix well till the mixture is smooth.
2. Preheat the large-sized pan to medium heat. Spread the oil or butter.
Test once with a small quantity of crepe skin mixture so you know the heat is ready or not.
3. Use a ladle, fill 80 %, pour into the preheated pan. Once you pour the liquid, spread the mixture evenly on the pan. 
4. Try not to touch till the edge of the crepe is crispy. Flip it and cook another few minutes and remove from the heat.
5. On the crepe, place salad leaf and Calamari salad nicely and roll it or fold it. Enjoy!

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