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Sushi Burrito with Seaweed Salad

Sushi Burrito with Seaweed Salad

Make Sushi Burrito with our Azumatei seaweed salad! The variety of the combination is endless! It's a fun, healthy and delicious meal.
Level ★★☆☆☆
Defrost before cooking: Seaweed salad
Cooking time:10 minutes
Heating time: None
azumatei Products: Seaweed salad 
3 serves/ Triple Sushi Pockets 
  • Cooked rice for 2 serves 
  • Seaweed salad 
  • Ahi tuna/ salmon 
  • Edamame 
  • Any ingredients of your choice
  • Nori/ dried seaweed sheet 
Cooking instruction:
  1. Prepare the rice following the instruction of the rice package.
  2. On the Sushi roll, place the nori then spread the rice thinly & evenly.
  3. Place all ingredients on top of the rice. Roll it carefully and once it is rolled, let it chill in the fridge at least 30 minutes before cutting.
  4. Cut the Sushi burrito with a clean knife. Enjoy!
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