Chirashi Sushi with Tobikko

Chirashi Sushi with Tobikko

Dec 25, 2021azuma tei

 Chirashi Sushi is often cooked when there is a gathering in Japan. It is considered as a food for praying good omen or luck. It is time consuming dish, prepare beforehand wisely and cook without rush!



Level ★★★★☆
Defrost before cooking: Tobiko
Cooking time: 1 hour +
Heating time: None
azumatei Products: Tobikko 
6-8 serves
For Sushi rice:Prepare A&B
Part A
  • Cooked rice (warm) 6-8 serves 
  • Vinegar 7Tbsp
  • Sugar 7Tbsp
  • Salt 1Tbsp & 1/3 

Part B

  • Dried shiitake Mushroom x6 & water 100ml 
  • Sliced Carrots x1/2
  • Sesame oil 1Tbsp 
  • Soy sauce 2Tbsp 
  • Mirin 1.5 Tbsp 
  • Sake 1.5 Tbsp 
  • Sugar 1/2 Tbsp 

    (optional to add to part B is below ingredients):

  • Konjak 1/2 package  
  • Bamboo shoots 50g or less 
  • Burdock 20cm or less 

For topping 

  • Tobikko
  • Thinly sliced cooked egg
  • Cooked shrimp 
  • Sushi grade Salmon or Future fish 
  • Sushi grade Tuna or Future fish 
  • Sesame seeds 
  • Lotus roots 
  • cucumber 
  • Edamame 

Other topping options 

  • Dried seaweed 
  • Ikura 
  • Shimesaba
  • Snow peas 
Cooking instruction:

Prep for sushi rice

1. First, soak the dried mushroom in the water and leave. 

  It is faster you soak the mushroom in the warm water. 

2. Next, in a small bowl, mix vinegar, sugar and salt.(Part A)  Once everything cooperates, pour the mixture into the warm rice. For mixing, try not to crush the rice. 

3. After mixing, cool the rice in the fridge. 

4. While cooling down the rice, back to the mushroom: preheat the small pan. Once the pan is warm, pour the sesame oil and cook the sliced mushroom and sliced carrots.

5. In the same pan, pour the water (that you used for soaking mushroom), soy sauce, sake, mirin, and sugar. Cook till the water is gone. Avoid overcooked! Keep eyes on them. (Part B) 

6. In the Cooled sushi rice, mix seasoned cooked shiitake mushroom & carrots. Mix well. (Mix part A & part B) 

7. Cut all the toppings and place them nicely on the rice. 

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