Sashimi Hotate Plus Prime Seafood Surprise Box

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Hokkaido's fresh seawater and cold temperatures play a crucial role in giving the scallops their delicious flavor. They are known for their plump meat, delightful taste, and sweetness.

Recommendation for eating:
Hokkaido Hotate
1) Sushi, sashimi
2) Carpaccio
3) Seafood pasta (sea urchin paste spread with cream, seasoned with dashi, salt and pepper, and scallops)


"Sashimi Hotate Plus Prime Seafood Surprise Box"

Introducing the "Sashimi Hotate Plus Prime Seafood Surprise Box," a culinary delight straight from the cold, pristine waters of Hokkaido.

This exquisite package features sashimi-grade scallops known for their sweet, delicate flavor and succulent texture.

But the surprise doesn't end there – each  box also contains a random selection of one out of four premium delicacies: Sutamina Hotate, Fukahire Kurage, Tsubu Kimchi, or Miso Marinated Mackerel 3pc Fillets / pack.

The thrill of this box lies in the anticipation; you won't know which delightful companion accompanies your scallops until it arrives. Please note, the selection of the accompanying item is random and cannot be chosen in advance.

Get ready for an exciting and delectable seafood adventure with every Hotate Plus Prime Seafood Surprise Box.

【Product Details】

  • One Sashimi-Grade Hotate (Scallops):  Premium Hokkaido scallops perfect for sashimi.

                 and...  One of the following four items, randomly included:

  • Surprise Companion:  

    *Sutamina Hotate:
    tender scallop trim meat is balanced with a bright crunch of garlic stem

    *Fukahire Kurage: A luxurious seafood delicacy of sesame seasoned marinated jellyfish.

    *Tsubu Kimchi: Zesty and rich in flavor whelk with kimchi sauce


    *Miso Marinated Mackerel 3pc Fillets / pack: Savory and delicious

Note: The surprise companion item is randomly selected and cannot be chosen in advance. Enjoy the excitement of discovering which delicacy accompanies your scallops in each Hotate Plus Prime Seafood Surprise Box.

  • Keep frozen at -15 to -18°C
  • Shelf Life: See package for details

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Very fresh scallops.

Sylvia H. (Scarborough, ON, CA)

We really enjoyed the food

MBTasty (Toronto, ON, CA)
It was delicious

Everything is fresh and fantabulous