Katsuo Tataki

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Bonito(Katsuo) Tataki is a traditional Japanese dish where fatty, seasonal bonito is lightly seared to enhance its freshness and flavor. This preparation allows the savory taste and texture of the fish to be fully appreciated.

Recommendation for eating:
1) Wasabi soy sauce
2) chopped ginger and ponzu vinegar
3) with Azumatei's eating raayu
4) sesame oil and coarse salt
5) pickling (mix soy sauce, sake and mirin 1:1:1 respectively
6) carpaccio

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"Direct-Flame Charred Katsuo Tataki: A Taste of Tradition"

Experience the bold flavors of Japan with our Direct-Flame Charred Katsuo Tataki. This traditional Japanese dish is made from the finest skipjack tuna, known for its rich, meaty taste. Seared over an open flame to lock in its ocean-fresh flavor, each slice of our katsuo tataki features a slightly charred exterior and a succulently rare center.

Prepared using time-honored techniques, this katsuo tataki strikes the perfect balance between the smoky aroma of the char and the delicate taste of the sea. Accompanied by a tangy ponzu sauce, a dab of freshly grated ginger and sliced garlic, it offers a culinary experience that's both invigorating and satisfying.

Our katsuo tataki is not only a beloved delicacy but also a versatile ingredient that can elevate your salads, make a stunning appetizer, or serve as a protein-rich addition to your main courses. Enjoy the authentic taste of Japanese cuisine with every bite of our expertly prepared katsuo tataki.

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  • Net Weight: 500g
  • Keep frozen at -15 to -18°C
  • Shelf Life: See package for details

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