Fukahire Kurage (Sesame seasoned marinated Jellyfish)

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High-quality jellyfish is crafted into a well-balanced dish with just the right blend of taste, sweetness, and sourness. The crunchy texture and the flavor of sesame oil make it irresistibly addictive.

Recommendation for eating:
1) as a topping for chilled Chinese noodles
2) as an appetizer with shredded cucumber
3) as a bang bang ji salad (boil chicken, break into small pieces, and serve with jellyfish and tomatoes or cucumbers)

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Best Before : 2024-07-24




Using gem-like imitation sharkfin made from kelp and jellyfish, the latest trend in sustainable seafood, this dish has it all.  Texture from the jellyfish, savory sesame oil based Asian dressing and none of the guilt. 



Package size: 80g 

Shelf Life: Frozen 2 years

Main Ingredients: Jellyfish ・Water ・Sugars (glucose-fructose, sugar)・Sesame oil ・Gelatin ・Soy sauce


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
K.L. (Oakville, ON, CA)
Love it

I discovered this website somewhere online and gave it a try!
Didnt disappointed!
I purchased from the black friday promotion which was a very good deal!

I bought the tasting set and it arrived today!

I cant wait for it so already tried the jelly fish tonight (i love jelly fish) .

It tastes so good and just the same as the one i ate in the restaurant or the japanese snack can get from the grocery.

I cant wait to try others from the set!

At first, I thought about to get the bigger package but saw someone's comment said this jelly fish is too sweet... so I worried if it didn't taste good. Now i feel regret didnt get the big package instead of the tasting set. Lol

Only disadvantage is....

1. This website is completely not user friendly.

The side menu cant even show the product list.
And you wont see all products from the main page as well.

2. The delivery time is a problem. They shipped it on Friday around noon... lucky i have someone eho is retired to stay home. If not, I have to leave it outside until I come back from work like evening. It has dry icy inside the package, but dont know how long it can keep the froze food outside the freezer.

W. (Nepean, ON, CA)
Sweet and Crunchy

I really love jelly fish! The portion size is just right for a packed lunch side dish.

CINDY L. (Mississauga, ON, CA)
Too sweet

I only ate a tiny bit and tossed the rest of it because it was too sweet.