Behind-the-scenes story of Takowasabi

When we talk about the secret story behind Takowasabi, let us explain about the history of Chinmi (delicacy). 

Japan has both imported and developed unique food culture though the long history. “Shio-kara” is one of the unique foods developed in the period when there were no fridges available.Shio-kara” literally comes from two words Salt (塩) & Spicy or Salty (辛).Adding salt to the seafood not only preserves the freshness but also helps forming natural umami. 

Salted Squid (Ika Shio-kara) was among the most famous Shio-kara appetizers and it has been enjoyed for centuries. A secret story of Takowasabi begins with a simple curious question of what if we make Shio-kara type appetizer using Tako (Octopus). 

We just celebrated 30years anniversary of Takowasabi birth. This defining moment made Azuma Foods today and this product development DNA is passed on...

The market always trusts us for making something unique.  That is Azuma Foods.

For us, the best praise from customers is hearing phrases like “this is very unique” or “I’ve never seen this before”.

We always put an idea into practice.

We always stay humble and enjoy challenges with playful mind.

When our product development specialist accidentally found wasabi stem and Tako Shio-kara in a test kitchen and playfully mixed the two ingredients together and immediately fell in love with it.

He quickly brought the test sample to a new recruit, and he was pleasantly surprised by the delicious taste.   Later, he surprised again how things proceed quickly in this company.  By the way, this experience made him purse his career and now he became our president.

Our sales supervisor was so excited that he immediately took Takowasabi to his loyal customers.

Our production manager also really liked the flavour and he wanted to deliver Takowasabi to the world as soon as possible.

The playful product brought the whole company worked together to create one of a kind Takowasabi.  The passion of each staff connected the entire company and the product quickly spread to the world!


Born from a corporate culture both playful and open to new challenges,

Tako Wasabi arose in the summer of 1992.



Azuma Foods is established in 1966 by our founder, Mr. Toshionobu Azuma, in Mie-prefecture of Japan.  We have grown our business around the world and now we have production facilities in Japan, the USA, Canada, China and Peru. We specialize in frozen seafood and salad manufacturering. Our main items are fish caviar called Masago & Tobikko that you typically see in sushi restaurants, a popular seaweed salad, as well as popular izakaya items such as Tako Wasabi and Sea urchin paste.   We’ve seen the growing popularity of Japanese cuisine and its versatility to infuse with other cultural food and cuisines.   We like to continue developing both authentic Japanese items and neo-Japanese food with integrity and determination. 


Canada is such a great country where diverse culture and ethnicities live together. Through the presence of azuma-tei, we like to present opportunities to explore Japanese culture and Japanese food.Our mission is same as what our founder Mr. Azuma has been doing over 55years which is to stay as a pioneer and introduce both authentic and infused tastes of Japanese cuisine to people around the world. 


Our vision is to keep on developing and providing very tasty and convenient items like “ready to eat” or “ready to microwave” items.

We will also bring opportunities to let you learn and experience Japanese culture, Japanese hospitality “omotenashi” and Japanese entertainment in the future.