Mother's Day Sale 2024

Celebrate Mother's Day with our exclusive collection of specially curated meal sets. Whether you're planning a sumptuous seafood dinner or looking to delight with sophisticated sushi selections, our collection offers a variety of gourmet options that cater to every taste. For those embracing a plant-based lifestyle, our Mother's Day Plant-Based Foods Set ensures no one misses out on the joy of a festive meal.

Featured in Mother's Day Sale 2024:

  • Sushi Dinner Set: Dive into the authentic flavors of Japan with pre-prepared items like Sushi Ika, Tamagoyaki, and Hokkaido Hotate Sashimi. This set is designed for sushi lovers looking to create their own sushi moments at home.
  • Grilled & Fry Seafood Dinner Set: A no-fuss, flavor-packed selection of seafood ready to be heated or fried. This set includes favorites like Grilled Mackerel, Mini Hotate, and Saikyo Miso Black Cod, ideal for a luxurious yet effortless dining experience.
  • Luxury Sushi & Seafood Dinner Set: Offering a range of high-quality sushi and sashimi items like Sushi Hotate, Maguro Tataki, and Uni Pate, this set is perfect for those who enjoy the finesse of Japanese cuisine with minimal preparation required.
  • Plant-Based Foods Set: Embrace the richness of vegan alternatives with our selection that includes Vegan Tuna, Plant-based Teriyaki Beef, and Vegan Ika. This set is perfect for a compassionate celebration of Mother’s Day.

Each set is crafted to reduce preparation time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—spending quality time with your mother. Whether she is a seafood aficionado, a sushi enthusiast, or a vegan food lover, our Mother's Day Sale collection on Shopify ensures that you can find the perfect meal to show your love and appreciation.

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