Azumatei Announces Delivery Adjustments in Ontario

Azumatei Announces Delivery Adjustments in Ontario

May 06, 2024azuma tei

Azumatei, a renowned name in Japanese cuisine, has announced a temporary operational pause at their Ontario location on May 22nd due to a scheduled delivery closure.

The brief halt in operations will affect delivery services, necessitating adjustments to their regular schedule.

Delivery Schedule Changes In response to the closure, Azumatei has revised its delivery timeline for the latter half of May. Customers who place orders between May 14th and May 26th can expect their deliveries to be scheduled for Wednesday, May 29th. This adjustment ensures that all pending orders are processed efficiently despite the temporary disruption.

The store emphasizes that these changes are confined to the Ontario area, with operations in other regions such as Metro Vancouver remaining unaffected.

Azumatei appreciates the understanding and patience of their customers during this period and assures them that these measures are in place to enhance service delivery and customer satisfaction.

For more details or to adjust your order, customers are encouraged to contact Azumatei's customer service directly.

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