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With gratitude, Dad! Luxury dinner Set( 20 items /4 ppl or more!)

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 With Gratitude, Dad! Luxury Dinner Set (20 items / 4 people or more)

Show your appreciation with our "With Gratitude, Dad! Luxury Dinner Set". This expansive set is perfect for a grand celebration, offering a variety of premium items that serve 4 or more people.

Set Includes:

  1. Tako Wasabi 300g: Spicy octopus with wasabi, a delightful starter.
  2. Fukahire Kurage(Sesame seasoned marinated Jellyfish): Sesame seasoned jellyfish, an exotic appetizer.
  3. Sutamina Hotate: Umami rich & tender scallop trim meat is balanced with a bright crunch of garlic stem.
  4. Edamame Soybean: Lightly salted soybeans, perfect for snacking.
  5. Hokkaido Hotate Sashimi: Fresh scallop sashimi, ready to enjoy.
  6. Maguro Tataki (Tuna Tartare): Grounded tuna, ideal for sashimi.
  7. Sushi Ika (Squid): Fresh squid, perfect for sashimi.
  8. Katsuo Tataki: Seared bonito, offering a smoky flavor.
  9. Kanpachi Fillet 1kg: Large amberjack fillet, versatile for sashimi or grilling.
  10. Saikyo Miso Paste: Sweet miso paste, ideal for marinating and grilling.
  11. Saikyo Miso Marinated Black Cod x2: Black cod in sweet miso, ready to grill.
  12. Saikyo Miso Marinated Atlantic Salmon x2: Miso-marinated salmon fillets, perfect for grilling.
  13. Uni Paste: Rich sea urchin paste, a gourmet addition.
  14. Tobikko: Flying fish roe, adding a crunchy texture to sushi.
  15. Takoyaki: Savory octopus balls, ready to heat and enjoy.
  16. Kaki Fry (Panko Fried Oysters): Breaded oysters, ready to fry to golden perfection.
  17. Miso Marinated Mackerel : Mackerel simmered in miso, a flavorful dish ready to serve.
  18. Tamagoyaki(Sushi Egg Japanese Style): Sweet Japanese rolled omelette, a sushi classic.


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